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Verbos usados en una Cocina

A continuación encontrarás una serie de verbos relacionados con una cocina

To Knead
To Roast
To Broil
To Whisk
To Blanch
To Sieve
To Coagulate
To Boil
To Simmer
To Steam
To Cook
To Braise
To Cut
To Dice
To Shred
To Crystallize
To Decorate
To Drain
To Discard
To Flake
To Degrease
To Brown
To Chill
To Steam
To Pickle
To Poach
To Fry
To Scallop
To Puree
To Bake
To Wash the Dishes
To Wash Up the Dishes
To Macerate
To Bruise
To Marinate
To Blend
To Mold
To Grind
To Nap
To Halve
To Slice
To Peel
To Chop
To Mince
To Prick
To Grate
To Reduce
To Boil Down
To Stuff
To Steep
To Scramble
To Baste
To Salt
To Dry the Dishes
To Dip
To Sift
To Toast

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